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Choosing household appliances is not as easy a task as it sounds. When choosing a product, many features must be taken into account when making a decision. The same is true when choosing a blender. There are endless options from different brands, but with different characteristics.

Therefore, we have prepared a content with what you should consider when making your choice, as well as suggesting good products on the market so that you can find the best blender.

Which blender to buy?

Blender pie, juice, cake… the uses of this small appliance are many. And the characteristics that should be noted in blenders are:

  • Potency: determines the product’s ability to process foods, even the most consistent ones;

  • Jar Size: Determines the volume that can be processed;

  • Jar material: they can be found in plastic, which despite being a lighter material wears out easier and retains odors; or glass, which is easier to clean and does not retain odors but is heavier and more fragile;

  • Blade and accessories: blades can vary in quantity and accessories the model can have a filter, which is around the blade to contain larger pieces of food.

To help you decide which blender to buy, we’ve separated some market options that are hot among our readers.

Philips Walita Daily Collection Blender RI2113/9

It comes equipped with 5 pulse speeds, 700 W of power, and a Duravita jug with a capacity of 2 liters, an ultra-resistant, almost unbreakable jar.

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This Philips model is a great option for those looking for an inexpensive blender, but with good performance for simple recipes. The cup, which is made of ultra-resistant plastic, has a capacity of 2 liters and a filter.

With 700 Watts of power, it has 5 speeds and the pulsar function, which makes the product reach its maximum speed in just one touch.

Arno Power Mix Plus Blender

It has strong steel blades, a san crystal jug with a 2 liter capacity and a modern design.

With a power of 550 Watts and 3 speeds, in addition to the pulsar function, Arno’s Power Mix Plus has stainless steel blades that do not lose the cut and do not rust, increasing the product’s durability. The blender has a capacity of 2 liters, a self-cleaning function and a cord holder to facilitate organization. A good value for anyone looking for an inexpensive blender.

Hamilton Beach Multijar Blender

Blender with 4 Tritan cups, light and resistant to splinters and stains. It has 250 W of power with a maximum of 650 W, the engine identifies the power required for each application.

With four jars, one of 1 liter, two of 500 ml, with lid for travel, and one of 250 ml, with lid that opens and closes, the model 52400BZ from Hamilton Beach, reaches up to 650 Watts of power. The interesting thing about this model is that it has only one speed, so the engine itself identifies the force needed for each preparation. Furthermore, its four blades are removable.

Philips Walita Daily Collection Blender Ri2110

A simple model with 2 speeds, 2 liters jug and 550 W of power for you to use with greater pleasure.

With two speeds and the pulsar function, the Ri2110 model from Philips Walita has 550 Watts of power. Its plastic cup has a capacity of 2 liters and it also has a specific function for crushing ice.

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Arno Power Mix Blender

The Arno Power Mix is ​​the younger brother of Power Mix Plus. Deferentially this model has 2 speeds and a capacity of 2 liters.

Also in line with good prices, the Arno Power Mix model has a polypropylene cup with a maximum capacity of 2 liters and two speeds with a power of 550 Watts. It also has a self-cleaning feature and a cord holder.

Britânia Diamond Blender 800

Diamond Blender 800 has 900W of power, 4 speeds and a 2.65 liter jug, delivering practicality and functionality in your daily life.

If you want to combine economy with quality, this blender from Britannia will not let you down. Its power is surprising in relation to its value: 800 Watts at 4 speeds, in addition to the pulsar function. Its jar has a maximum capacity of 2.65 liters and the product also has a non-slip base, cord holder and self-cleaning function.

Arno Power Max LN55 Blender

It brings more strength and efficiency, providing perfect results for all types of recipes. It has a super robust 3.1L jug, 15 speeds and 1000W of power.

Another Arno member on our list, the Power Max LN55 combines capacity and power. With 15 speeds and 1000 Watts, it offers better precision in food preparation. The cup has a maximum capacity of 3.1 liters and has a set of 6 stainless steel blades, ideal for those preparing larger meals. One of the highlights of the product is the Cyclone feature, which guarantees the homogeneous mixture of all ingredients.

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