Finding the filter you want on Instagram [Nasıl yapılır?]

Instagram Here are the steps you need to follow to discover new filters or try the filters that everyone uses. But the result is not very satisfactory.

Spark AR StudioAfter making it available to everyone Instagram On the filter side, it has undoubtedly become a more attractive place. A wide filter pool, ranging from “Which X character are you” filters, which went viral in a short time, to beauty filters, finally offers users the variety they want. But the platform has a big problem. It’s almost impossible to find the filter you want or find other filters similar to the one you want! Although it seems unlikely that the app, which has over 1 billion users, did not introduce a simple hashtag search system to its filter gallery. Want to explore different filters? Fantastic. Maybe you can find what you want among the filters that Instagram offers you. If you can’t find it, bad luck! Or start saving filters.

Saving Instagram filters

First of all, let’s write how to go to the new filter discovery screen of the platform like a nightmare. On the story shooting screen, swipe the filters to the far left.Check out the effectsIf you click on the ” option, the effect gallery opens. We are not sure on what basis the effects here were chosen. Instagram’s very secret algorithm may be putting our favorite effects in front of us. Here it is in the order that Instagram offers can tour effects, you can hope to stumble upon the particular effect you are looking for. on the screen There are several major categories but it may not always help. As a small hint, “Which character X are you?” Let’s note that you are likely to come across similar filters under the “Funny” category. After selecting the effect “Try nowYou can try the effect by clicking ”. Before saying try now on the same screen to save the effect option is also available. You can also access the recording option by clicking on the effect name while trying the effect. After saving the effect you selected, the filter is placed on your stories page.

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Other if you like a filter on a user, save that filter now we say. Otherwise, it may become impossible to reach. It is quite simple to save the filters that users use. The person whose story you are watching just below the name of the filter He also writes. If you click here, save and test options appear. You can even send the filter to your friend.

Another option is to access the filter from the Instagram profile of the user you know created the filter. You can access filters from the smiling face icon in the profiles of users who develop and share filters.

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