Firefox will have its own free VPN and is easily activated

The Firefox trial pilot program allows users to test new features before they are ready for general browser use. Mozilla has restarted this initiative and its first new project is Free VPN for Firefox is very easy to activate. Keep reading and find every detail.

Although this program was launched by Mozilla in 2016, it now has a different general purpose. From now on, the pilot test will focus products almost ready for public consumption, not in an experiment.

All about Firefox VPN

The company decided to close its program in January of this year, but decided to recreate it in a very surprising way.. Why bring it back? Because the company takes into account valuable public comments.. Thanks to this, Mozilla took the time to develop programs and do something different, an easy-to-use VPN.

The creator of this browser makes sure that all test functions are one step below the general public release. In summary they will be quite polished and functional.

Firefox VPN is a test project because the Mozilla team wants to improve it further before it is released to the public. Be careful, this private network Firefox makes no attempt to avoid geographic restrictions, but it will give users access to their private network when using public WiFi and will help them hide their location. If you are looking for a tool to help you download the application Google Play Store, then check out this list with the best VPNs for Android.

firefox private network

Mozilla partners with Cloudflare and this company offers you a proxy server for your VPN. Even if only available as a Firefox extension in its desktop version, nothing eliminates the possibility of reaching the Android application immediately.

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On the other hand, Opera is another browser that combines this function for a long time. Also, it is likely that many users install it only with their VPN since they are allows you to set your location in America, Europe or Asia.

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