Fitbit Versa 2 filtered in real images thanks to TizenHelp and HRDLPN

Fitbit has existed long before smart watches became something and today is synonymous with devised for much more than measuring physical activity.

The company is not shy about its ambitions in smart watches and has already launched some devices in this category, including the Ionic and Versa.

The manufacturer is building on this basis and plans to launch a new model of the latter. Several leaks have already let us see what Versa 2 should look like, and now, new images arrive courtesy of TizenHelp and HRDLPN, presenting the device and its packaging in all its glory.

TizenHelp says it will hit stores on September 15.

While we already knew that Versa 2 is being updated to a 2.5D OLED screen and curved glass, now we have additional information about the hardware Of the device.

Fitbit promises a battery life that allows more than four days of use.

With regard to physical activity, Versa 2 maintains the same tracking skills as its predecessor (steps, floors, sleep stages, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and more than 15 exercise modes), although there is also a mention of a SpO2 sensor in the HRDLPN coverage. The first generation Versa had that same sensor, but it was never activated, so we took that information with caution.

The device provides enough storage to save up to 300 songs, which you can listen through Bluetooth headphones. However, there are no detailed specifications yet.

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At this time, no device is complete without a voice assistant. You can use the typical Alexa capabilities directly on the clock, such as asking about the weather, dictating messages, turning on and off smart lights and setting timers. The portable device is also Fitbit Pay compatible, which allows you to pay wirelessly without taking out your phone.

Initially, Versa 2 should be available at purple, black, blue, pink and silver, but due to the interchangeable bands, color variations can be mixed and combined as you please.

TizenHelp cites sources that claim that the Versa 2 will be released on August 25 and will be available for purchase from September 15.

The prices will surely start at 200 euros. Hopefully, Fitbit can give a breath of fresh air in the smart watch market. Apple It is the only serious innovator in this business as long as WearOS remains paralyzed by obsolete processors.

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