Fnatic Mode: Unleash the full potential of your OnePlus smartphone

Introduced last May, Fnatic Mode is more than just a game mode. By the way, present in your smartphone OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, 5T, 6, 6T and 7, already existed (and there is) this game mode. However, after trying out the new software addition, the gaming performance on your terminal will change!

If you are an avid gamer and have an Android smartphone from OnePlus, then this tip is for you!

OnePlus smartphone Android games Fnatic Mode

The software news was presented last May by the Chinese company. Then we got to know the high-end smartphone, OnePlus 7 Pro, with a strong emphasis on games. In fact, in addition to the hardware features attached to the terminal, we had the debut of Fnatic Mode.

What’s so special about Fnatic Mode?

Something we initially considered little more than a gimmick, but in reality it ultimately makes a difference. NoteThis same mode has just arrived at previous generations of the company’s terminals with a recent update. From there, we also had the opportunity to test its real impact.

And what was our surprise when, even in the presence of a heavy game like PUBG Mobile with the latest update, this mode has transformed the smartphone. An all-purpose yet perfectly capable and updated terminal, the Oneplus 6 resident who gained a new life in Fnatic Mode.

Next we can see the automatic mode activation suggestion. In fact, your Android smartphone from OnePlus will by default suggest you to enable game mode. However, you can also enable Fnatic Mode which will further optimize the hardware capabilities of your terminal.

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It should also be noted that Fnatic Mode is undergoing a duality of translations. If in some instances it is nicknamed E-sports mode, in other cases it retains the terminology Fnatic Mode. Regardless of the name, it is the same software implementation thinking of games.

Game mode and Fnatic Mode in the smartphones Oneplus

In a nutshell, Fnatic Mode goes beyond game mode. In addition to blocking you from virtually all notifications and calls – with Facebook Messenger being one of the exceptions, all the attention will thus rest on the games. In addition, we will have a restriction of background tasks (background).

Finally, Fnatic Mode will stop activity (connectivity) of the secondary SIM card – if you are taking advantage of it – to optimize network reception. NoteThis last point has more effect if you are playing with the active data connection, while over a Wi-Fi connection there will be no changes.

In short, it turns out to be the background task restriction that unleashes the full gaming potential of your Android smartphone. Nonetheless, decreasing notifications are a big bonus, especially when you really need to focus on a match. The differences are noticeable.

Android hardware and system optimization

Not only does the game run more smoothly and satisfyingly, but also the Android smartphone gets a little less warm. It is not with all the software update that the user feels tangible improvements but this is one of those happy cases.

Finally, you may still have access to secret wallpapers. To do so, you must follow these steps:

    Open the settings of your smartphone OnePlus Then look for the menu “Utilities” and, inside, choose the “Game Mode” Now find the option “Fnatic Mode”, and you can set applications that automatically activate the game mode Click / Touchez “Fnatic Mode” – within that menu, repeatedly Touchez 5x on the Fnatic logo. Once the text editing and input option appears, type “alwaysfnatic” (always fanatical, all together and lowercase. Now, in the wallpapers menu find the secret wallpapers
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