Foldable smartphone: new Motorola Razr in late 2019 for the price 1,500 …

Since the beginning of the year, rumors about the new Motorola Razr, which will soon be available in the United States. Europe must follow new information in late 2019 or early 2020, when the price is USD 1,500 euros. There is a middle class technology with known folding mechanism.

Back in March of this year, technical data from Razr 2019 was leaked, which completed the smartphone in the middle class, but so far there is no price. The previously dubbed smartphones from Samsung and Huawei, but all but the announced ones have since been postponed due to technical issues, are in the 2,000-euro area at home. Razr must be tough LetsGoDigital $ $ 1,500 or € fees.

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