Fontemon: a Pokémon fan-game on browser made only from a font

Fontemon © Michael Mulet

A developer has created a fan-game of Pokemon playable for free on Navigator and composed only… of a font!

Appropriately named Fontemonthis original fan-game of Pokemoncreated by a certain Michael Mulet, therefore allows you to play in an inventive way a short parody of the cult video game franchise from Game Freak.

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Type them all!

Composed only of a 970 kilobyte font, Fontemon allows you to play Pokémon in an uncommon way. By typing any letter on its keyboard, the game unfolds naturally before our eyes.

In this way, if a choice or the outcome of an action does not suit us, it suffices to erase the last letters entered in order to rewind the game. It is even possible to affect the previous course of the game by changing a previously typed letters. At certain key moments, such as the choice of his… Fontemon, he will however be asked to type a specific letter in order to perform the action attached to it.

Thus, each of the 4,696 frames that make up the game has its own character. In this way, Michael Mulet was able to ensure that the superposition of these different characters, white or black, could form gray and the shapes of the characters, sets and Fontemon.

If the concept looks complex on paper, the game runs like a charm and offers a revisited version of a region of Pokemonwith even different endings.

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Inventive use of fonts

On a GitHub post dedicated to how was developed Fontemon, Michael Mulet has shared in detail how he managed to pull off this feat. According to him, fonts can do much more than just reproduce what the user types on their keyboard. And that’s precisely what he brilliantly tried to prove with this fan-game of another genre. Note also that it is currently the one and only game using a font as engine.

I always said to my friends, “If you want to make a game, do it. If you want to make a game engine, do it. But never ever, ever make a game engine to make a game.” …but I had to contradict my own rule with Fontemon, because there is literally no other game based on a font engine “, he confided.

If this fan-game of Pokemon is playable for free on a browser via Code Relay, quoted in source below, it is also possible to download the font in order to play it on a computer.

Sources: Code Relay, GitHub

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