For the first time, Lidl will sell connected devices at low prices

Lidl Smart Home © Lidl

After the pair of flip-flops, the connected watch and a slight switch to the PS4 at bargain prices, Lidl is launching its range of connected home automation objects at low prices. Here comes the “Smart Home” range, available from 1er next February – and which will undoubtedly be a hit.

This new range includes eight accessories for the home, such as LED bulbs and strips, a connected socket and a radiator. With, of course, particularly attractive prices.

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The smart home in red and yellow

No, the products sold by Lidl will not be in the colors of the brand, but we still find its trademark: particularly attractive prices.

To make its mark in the connected home sector, Lidl is launching from 1er February, in 1,550 stores across the country, the first accessories from its “Lidl Smart Home” range. The products in question will not exceed 40 euros.

A quick tour of Lidl’s proposal. The first two LED bulbs, the E27 and GU10, will be sold at a price of 7.99 euros, and a third, the E14, at a price of 9.99 euros. A two-meter luminous ribbon will be available for 17.99 euros, while a connected socket allowing the remote shutdown of other devices (timer, automatic on/off also) will be marketed for 9.99 euros. Then there is a ceramic fan heater connected to the home Wi-Fi, with a timer and two heating powers, for 39.99 euros.

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All these products will require the use of a home automation gateway sold at 19.99 euros. This will have a range of approximately 70 meters. Control of this equipment will be via Lidl’s Smart Home app or by voice, with Google Assistant.

Lidl Smart Home © Lidl

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Lidl takes on the big brands

This range is developed by Silvercrest, a sub-brand of the brand which is at the origin of all of Lidl’s tech products.

In recent months, Lidl has multiplied the (surprising) incursions into low-cost technological products, with varying degrees of success. Remember the watch connected to 39.99 euros which wanted to walk on the flowerbeds of a Xiaomi and others, or the “AirPods” sold for less than 25 euros.

More recently and in a completely different register, Lidl distinguished itself with the sale of tap shoes and socks… which sold like hot cakes in times of famine.

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