Fortnite goes to 120 FPS mode on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Epic Games Fortnite

Epic Games proudly announces today that Fortnite can be played at 120 FPS on next-gen consoles.

This new graphics mode is brought by the brand new update 15.10, just deployed.

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Fortnite also in 120 FPS on consoles!

While waiting for the update that will allow Fortnite to take advantage of the brand new Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games is deploying a new version of the game. Indeed, the 15.10 version, just available, allows Fortnite to spin at the rate of 120 FPS on consoles.

Obviously, to take advantage of it, you must have a compatible screen, but also a console ” next gen “, namely a PS5, an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S.

Note, however, that opting for the 120 FPS mode requires playing in 1440p on PS5 and Xbox Series X (instead of 4K) and in Full HD 1080p, with the added bonus of a reduction in various graphics settings and disabling volumetric clouds, on Xbox Series S.

Fortnite Performance Mode © Epic Games

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A Fortnite also optimized on PC

Earlier today, Epic Games announced a new update also for the PC version of Fortnite.

An update that brings a “Performance” mode, which can be activated directly in the options and which offers to trade the visual quality of the game for reduced use of memory and a lighter load on the processor and the graphics card.

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Incidentally, unchecking ” high quality textures » also allows Fortnite to display “only” 17 GB on the storage space, against more than 30 GB in normal times.

Source : Epic Games

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