Fortnite is finally downloadable on Android from the Play Store

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After almost two years of distributing Fortnite exclusively from its platform, Epic Games finally decides to fall into line.

In an exchange with Polygon, the publisher is changing its tune today, but not lightly. Whether Fortnite is now available on the Play Store, it is above all for big money questions.

Google puts apps outside the Play Store at a disadvantage

Until now, to enjoy Battle Royale on your Android smartphone, you had to go to the official Epic Games website and download the client in .APK format. A routine that allowed, on the one hand, players to easily find their favorite title, and on the other hand, Epic Games to save themselves the 30% commission charged by Google on purchases in app in the Play Store.

Only, ” after 18 months of running Fortnite outside of the Google Play Storeexplains Epic Games to Polygon, we have come to simple conclusions: Google disadvantages downloadable software outside of Google Play “.

Financial disadvantages (the famous 30% commission), but also technical, specifies Epic Games. In question ? Recurring security pop-ups that alert users to the dangers of installing apps from unknown sources. So many signals that are not very engaging for users who want to be able to access as simply as possible Fortnite on Android.

Epic Games abides by Google’s terms

For Epic Games, there is no doubt that Google is trying to pass off anything that does not come from the Play Store as malware.

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Still, the big winner in history remains Google, which can congratulate itself on having won its case by now listing the most popular video game of recent years on its catalog.

But for Epic, the pill must be hard to swallow. It must be said that the publisher set itself up, two years ago already, as a white knight defender of developers with its Epic Games Store platform which, unlike Steam, only punctures 12% of the income generated by the titles there. are listed. Epic, however, states that Fortnite will remain available from its official website for players who do not wish to go through Google Play to obtain it.

Source: Polygon

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