Fortnite V10.40.1 Patch Notes | Running out of time, Flint-Kock pistol and more

Epic Games has just released sticky notes V10.40.1 presenting new challenges out of time and more. Here’s a complete sticky note:

What’s new?

Out of timeWe’re headed into overtime … before time ran out. Complete the objectives in the extra time mission for the end of season rewards including XP, cosmetics and the loading screen warning.

Out of Time will start on Tuesday October 8



  • We may almost run out of time, but we’re not done yet – Season X has been extended for a week!
    • Gotham City and Batman Caped Crusader Pack will be available until the end of Season X.
  • Out of time
    • Overtime Season X Mission is coming soon! The Out of Time mission will be available starting Tuesday, October 8 at 9:00 AM ET to Sunday, October 13 at 2:00 PM ET.
    • Out-of-time targets for end-of-season rewards, including XP, cosmetics, and loading screens that serve as a reminder of Season X.
  • Zone war
    • LTM Zones Wars Desert, Vortex, Colosseum, and Downhill Zones have been consolidated into two LTM playlists. Queue up at one of the playlists to play one of the four random Zone Wars maps.
      • Zone Wars: Party
        • A queue with groups larger than one becomes a free experience for everyone.
      • Zone Wars: Solo
        • Queue for a free experience for everyone.

Repair damage

  • Resolves an issue involving multiple players having difficulty entering The Combine
    • Because this issue has been resolved, La Combine has been reactivated on iOS and Android.
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Repair damage

  • Fixed transmission level issues that occurred with v10.40 caused increased player landing in low detail active environment Nintendo Switch.
    • Please note that this improvement will result in a larger download for the system.
  • Improve the performance of cosmetic ingredients to overcome the obstacles caused by these ingredients.


Repair damage

  • The map now shows the correct aerial view of Gotham City.


  • Party Hub
    • Enhance the functionality of the search bar to make it easier to find friends.

Repair damage

  • Resolved a visual issue where the microphone would be displayed as if the player did not have a voice chat.


  • From the server on September 27
    • Resolved an issue involving multiple names to show that they were not presented correctly in the La Combine leaderboard

What’s new?

Prop Meteor GalleryAdd this end of the world dilemma to your game!

Fortnite V10.40.1 Patch Notes | Running out of time, Flint-Kock Pistol and more 2


  • Add 1 New precast.
    • Meteorite The The precast meteorite consists of all the stones and particles from the Meteor gallery, but grouped together in a giant package.
  • Add 3 New gallery.
    • Prop Meteor Gallery
    • The Meteor Core gallery
    • Gallery of weather particles


  • From the server on September 27
    • Resolved an issue where Alt-Tabbing caused all accessories on the map to be destructive.

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