Fortnite X Batman, the 'Bat Man' arrives at the fashion shooter

TO Epic games he loves crossover, and to celebrate the bat’s birthday, known as’Batman day‘, the company not only is giving away the trilogy of Batman Arkham In his Epic Games Store, he has integrated this superhero into the game, which leaves the city of Gotham to enter a wild animated world full of weapons and instant constructions.

Fortnite X Batman

Until the next October 6, players players will be able to access Batman-related cosmetics, such as the ‘bat-suit’, their famous hook-up gun, a glider, explosive batarangs, content linked to Batwoman, in addition to additional content as new challenges.

An area of ​​the crack has caused Gotham City to appear in Fortnite. Although, of course, it would not be Gotham City if it did not have the presence of some villains. This location allows you to become the hero that the citizens of Gotham City need by giving you your own Batman cape and the power of redeployment of the hang glider!

Being a hero is more fun when you have some toys at your disposal. Take the jump into the game and try Batman’s gun-hook and his explosive battarang!

One of the advantages of being a superhero is the costume. Save the situation with style thanks to the Batman pack, the Crusader of the Cloak! In addition to other cosmetics related to the best detective in the world, the pack includes Batman costumes from the comics and the movie The Dark Knight.

The store also includes other Batman themed objects, such as the feline companion Catwoman’s costume!

Free the island from danger by facing the heroic challenges available until October 1. Complete the challenges to get free rewards with the Welcome to Gotham City batch of challenges, which includes the feline wing delta wing! (But ending the crime is already enough reward, right?)

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