Free Wi-Fi: an app to have free internet on your mobile phone

When we use our smartphones on the streets, we inevitably need to use the mobile data we have, and the most common is that we end up running out before starting a new cycle. For this reason, we recommend a free open Wifi application, which helps you get out of trouble and find open networks to connect to.

How does free Wi-Fi work?

Before connecting to an open network, you should be aware that these connections are usually not secure and that there are certain dangers that make your smartphone vulnerable. Hackers take advantage of this situation to steal your personal data. That is why we recommend that you take this into account, and strengthen the security of your handset before taking this action.

The free open Android Wifi app helps you find the most convenient wireless network without a password. Therefore, you can connect to your preferred WiFi network with your mobile device. It’s easy to use, once you open the app, you need to access Start and reach the Browse Now screen. Next, you’ll need to click the view, and all the free networks available at that time will appear.

When you do this search with your mobile phone to see which networks are available, a large list appears with many types of extensions. This app filters it, and shows you only open applications that you can connect to for free with one click.

Also, what this app does detail all the free network parameters found: encryption, MAC, SSID, intensity and frequency. The same screen allows you to create a password and WPS PIN if the open network is yours, so you can block potential hackers.

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In order to understand this parameter, it’s important to know that frequency is what the speed represents where data can be received and transmitted through wireless network devices. With 2.4 As shown in the example in the picture, there is more accessibility, this is usually the most common. 5 GHz is another available frequency, which clearly indicates higher bandwidth.

The WiFi signal level it involves background noise levels, affecting your performance closer to 100 dB. The 30 dB signal is best suited. In this case, a sample of 67 dB is sufficient for streaming video and voice over IP.

About WiFi channel, for 2.4 GHz There are 13 channels each of 22 MHz in Spain. Each geographical area has its own limitations on existing channels. There are channels that overlap with each other as can be done with those 1 overlapping ones. And in the same way it happens with 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Ideally, stay in one channel as far as possible to avoid interruption in the following channels.

While this app is free and helps you find a free network to connect to the Internet for free from your mobile phone, you also need to know that contains ads at every step you take. Try to be careful to avoid these ads and continue the process that brings you the things that are really interesting to you.

We assure you that for your safety, try installing antivirus for Android, and you strengthen the security of your device as much as possible before connecting to an open wireless network that you do not know. While this is useful when you cannot use your data, or simply want to store it, you should also consider the possible consequences of this action.

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