Fresh information has arrived for WhatsApp “community” infrastructure

Firstly XDAAccording to what he found WhatsApp, a separate “community” developing the feature. According to XDA, the firm wants to build a community infrastructure that will bring together multiple groups. The aim here is to make WhatsApp a social media network with a flow. it seems.

The “community” infrastructure, which will allow more controlled management compared to the groups, creates the impression that it will act as a roof and function as a multi-channel main group by bringing together more than one group, as we said above.

The feature, which is still far from the release, is expected to become more detailed every week. Because the feature, which is testing in beta versions, will also generate sharable links / QR code for community participation.

WhatsApp was on the agenda with the sign of the latest good change

if WABetaInfo if the latest evidence found by WhatsAppahead of the 68-minute limit imposed from the point of deletion of a sent message. can lift. If the company really takes this step, a message sent on the platform can be deleted, for example, 2 weeks or 2 months after it was sent.

This facility looks really nice and is located at a point that will make many users happy. However, the company sometimes does not make its tests a reality. However, this possibility, which is still seen in the latest beta versions, can be activated for everyone soon.

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