Fresh ‘n Rebel announces new headphones at IFA 2019

Fresh ‘n Rebel, an audio device company, has announced some very interesting news at IFA in Berlin. The company launched True Wireless, a new AirPods-style headset with a striking design and different options. Too update ANC Clam and add new RockBox to speaker catalog. We tell you all the details.


These are the company’s new wireless headphones, and perhaps one of the most interesting that we can find in its catalog. Twins True Wireless are the purest AirPods-style headphones. Design is one of the most interesting features. We can find these headphones up to 6 color. The headphones have a silicone ear adapter, but we can remove it if it’s uncomfortable.

Cufflinks can be controlled through the back of the right earcup. We can pause the music, go to the next song or answer calls with simple gestures. Also, if we remove the headphones, the music stops automatically. They also have a microphone, so we can use it for calls. They are also compatible with Google Assistant or siri

Regarding autonomy, Wireless Twins offers up to 4 hours of continuous music on a single charge. This case can charge the headphones up to 5 times, so the total length of the cufflinks is 24 hours. This case can be charged by cable or with a wireless charger.

The price of these headphones is 100 euros.


We reviewed these headphones a few weeks ago, but the ANC Clam is updated with some additional features compared to the previous generation. First, stronger noise cancellation is added, allowing us to isolate ourselves more than outside noise. Another new feature is that we can stop the music simply by removing the headphones. No need to pause songs from a cell phone or from controls.

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The rest, Clam ANC DGTL is very similar to the previous generation, with an elegant and striking design (and with a new layer of gold). They have a microphone for hands free. The price of this ANC DGTL CLAM is 200 euros.


Finally, Fresh R n Rebel has announced the new RockBox family speaker, RoxBox Bold X. This powerful wireless speaker is waterproof (IPX7) and it has a sporty design in a different color and with a silicone strip that allows us to install it anywhere. The most interesting thing is the battery: it has a range of up to 8 hours of music disconnected on a single charge. In addition to that, it has a microphone, so it can also be used as a hands-free.

We have not forgotten one of the most interesting functions of the RockBox device; Possibility of connecting two speakers to obtain stereo audio. In this case, we can also implement this function with two Bold X.

The price of the Rocbox Bold X is 80 euros.

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