Funny Features of Nokia Mobile Phone N97

Nokia N97, which was introduced in 2008 with its different features, especially its slider keyboard, maintained its popularity for many years. Nokia, which put itself at the forefront with different features compared to the iPhone and Android phones produced at that time, managed to gain a very high fan base all over the world. We have examined all the details along with the Nokia N97 features for you.

Like the foldable phone technology that has become popular today, phones with hidden keyboards were attracting a lot of attention years ago. nokiaIt has the quality features of the period, especially the special keyboard design introduced by . Nokia N97 modelmanaged to maintain its popularity for quite a long time after it was produced. Despite the introduction of a new iPhone exactly one year before the Nokia N97, Nokia, the smartphone giant of the period, managed to attract all the attention with this model.

It features a slider-style QWERTY keyboard located behind the screen. Nokia N97 features on our table today. We examined the model, which was introduced with a 3.5-inch screen, which is quite large compared to 2008, with a 434 MHz ARM 11 processor, one of the popular processors of the period, and many more details. Let’s all be surprised together Let’s move on to our list.

Nokia N97 features:

3.5 inch screen

Nokia N97 When we first got our hands on the model, 3.5 inch large screen welcomes us. This screen, which has a 16 million color scale, has a screen-to-body ratio of 52.1 percent, which is quite high compared to today. The resolution of our 3.5-inch screen is 360 x 640 pixels, with a density of 210 ppi. This screen had a very sensitive touch compared to the push-button phones released at that time. This screen, which could work intuitively, helped the phone to be used easily without the need for an extra pen.

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Slide QWERTY keyboard design

let’s come Nokia N97 features feature that makes it stand out the most. Nokia N97 was introduced with a slider keyboard design, which was not common at that time. When you swipe the screen of the phone to the right, the keyboard, which welcomes you horizontally and has a very comfortable typing, is one of the main reasons why the N97 model is so popular. This keyboard does not contain numeric keys and when you slide the slide, it greets you with a special lighting. You could navigate the menu easily thanks to the direction keys on the left side of the keyboard.

5 megapixel camera

Let’s come to the camera performance of the Nokia N97. N97, 5 megapixels introduced with a rear camera with Carl Zeiss lens [email protected] He could record video. The N97, which showed a very successful camera performance compared to the phones released at that time, could produce very high quality photos even when you wanted to shoot at night with its double flash. The N97 also has a VGA front camera with which you can make calls, just like the 5800 model.

32GB internal memory

Nokia N97, which has a very high storage compared to a phone introduced in 2008, provided the comfort of using your phone without the need to use an extra microSD card. Compared to the phone that only hosts Facebook, one of today’s popular social apps 32GB internal memory is quite high.

1500mAh battery

Nokia N97, which offers 408 hours of use when 3G is active and 432 hours when 2G is active, also had an assertive talk time of 9 hours and 30 minutes in 2G technology. Nokia N97, which offers such a long usage opportunity, 1500mAh It was powered by a large battery. What’s more, you had the comfort of listening to music continuously for 40 hours after fully charging the Nokia N97.

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Symbian OS operating system

According to some, it is the operating system that brought the end of Nokia’s, and according to others, it is one of the most successful systems of the period. Nokia N97, back then Symbian OS It came with the operating system. At that time, Symbian OS, which was quite old and outdated compared to the operating systems of Apple and Android phones, was preferred by some or rather despised by others. Symbian OS had a very simple menu design and was home to Nokia’s popular store Ovi at that time. You could easily download games and applications, videos or ringtones suitable for your phone on Ovi. This operating system also supported social media tools such as Facebook and YouTube, which are still popular today. Symbian OS, which also had a widget system at that time, also offered you the opportunity to place widgets of applications such as Facebook or Youtube on your home screen. with Symbian OS Nokia N97Let’s not go without saying that it also supports Microsoft Office programs.

434MHz ARM 11 processor

Nokia N97, just like the Nokia 5800 434MHz ARM 11 introduced with the processor. This processor, which works in a very compatible way with the Symbian OS operating system, did not experience any performance deficiency in the Nokia N97. The company often made updates to support this processor, ensuring that users get the best experience.

3G and Wi-Fi support

Nokia at that time in the N97 model 3G and Wi-Fi began to offer its support. These two connection support, which was just starting to settle in Turkey at that time, was also available in Nokia’s new phone N97. Thanks to the 3G feature, you could make video calls and you could easily use the Wi-Fi feature to browse applications such as Facebook and YouTube.

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15.9mm thickness

Nokia N97, which is quite thick compared to the phones of the period due to a keyboard located behind the screen, 15.9 It had a thickness of mm. The phone weighed 150gr with its thickness. This made the Nokia N97 model both thick and heavy compared to the phones released at that time.

Nokia N97, which had very high quality features compared to the iPhone model released at that time, became very popular with the presence of quite a lot of Nokia fans all over the world. In particular, the fact that it has an extra keyboard hardware, despite having a touch screen, took it one step further. N97, which appeals to both audiences who love both touch and key keyboards, has maintained its popularity for many years. You Nokia N97 features What do you think about it? If you have used the N97 model before, do not forget to share your experiences with us in the comments!

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