Galaxy Z Flip Hands-on: the most attractive Samsung flip is almost ready [Video]

Fold could be the next big thing in smartphones, but the first generation of devices has not worked properly so far. Today in Samsung unpacked, the Galaxy Z Flip is the star of the show with its flip phone design. There are a lot of people on board with the idea of ​​doubling phones, but I think there are still some things that make it not ready for everyone.

For a quick summary Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s second fold is very different from the first. Where Galaxy Fold is a cell phone that expanded into a tablet, Z Flip is a cell phone that condenses into… smaller.

For “strong users”, this may not be useful. Z Flip doesn’t give you more screen space. In fact, it even presents a barrier to not opening up to do anything. Instead, the Z Flip feels like it’s focused on compacting the size of a modern smartphone with a smaller big screen.

Than Galaxy Z Flip opens to show 6.7-inch screen.This is taller than the average smartphone, but doesn’t seem like a burden. However, the most important thing to know about this cell phone is not to use the same screen as Galaxy Fold. When the device uses a plastic coating, Z Flip changes to ultra-thin glass. Not only is it more resistant to damage, but it also feels better to use it.

Another endurance upgrade made by Samsung on the Z Flip is the “fiber protector” on the hinge. The very small layer is designed to keep dirt and dust out of the hinge, hoping to extend the life of the device. This really shows where Samsung learned from the problem. Fold confronted, because dust repeatedly proved to be a problem.

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Than Galaxy Z Flip, not like Fold, it really does not exceed the limits of typical smartphone specifications. Than Fold maximum of everything you can do, but Flip is pretty conservative. It has 8GB of RAM, Snapdragon 855+, and 256GB of storage. The screen is also only 60Hz. Still, the Z Flip feels very strong in a few minutes, I can give it a try.

As for Flip’s exterior, I think there are pros and cons. The end result of “Mirror Purple” and “Mirror Gold” is beautiful, but their fingerprint magnets are crazy. Samsung representatives near me when I use the device have to clean the outside easily a dozen times for 25 minutes or more. This will be very annoying in daily use. Secondly, I think the outward appearance is of no use. Too small to use for anything outside of time, even notifications are interrupted.

In the end, this is what I think Galaxy Z Flip. This cell phone, more than that Galaxy Fold That is, laying the groundwork for folding smartphones that consumers may want to buy. I don’t think this form factor is completely successful, but smart design options like ultra-thin glass and “fiber protectors” really excite me to see what happens next.

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