Garmin unveils Instinct Esport Edition, a connected watch for gamers


With its new Instinct Esports Edition watch, Garmin is aimed at… gamers.

The watch is indeed equipped with certain specific functions to monitor the good form of the player during his games.

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A watch for gamers? Garmin did it!

With its new Instinct Esports Edition watch, Garmin is targeting a new target: gamers. This is a new connected GPS watch that allows you to receive your notifications (calls, emails, SMS, etc.).


To justify his side gamer »the Garmin Instinct Esports Edition watch has a specific function dedicated to the analysis of heart rate and stress level
during the game. Even better, streamers can choose to broadcast live in
their flow of biometric data.


According to Dan Bartel, VP of Garmin: Thanks to the new Instinct Esports
Edition, esports enthusiasts can now exploit this
same technology to track their play and understand how their
body reacts to the intensity of the competition. They will also be able
take advantage of the data provided by Instinct on a daily basis, to modify
their sleep pattern or even adapt their level of activity,
knowing that daily habits have an impact on the
physical and cognitive performance in the game.

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Various features available

Thus, the watch is responsible for monitoring in real time the stress and the heart rate of the player in order to allow him ” to better manage their physical and mental resources”.

Beyond his side” games », the watch signed Garmin also offers monitoring of sports activities, monitoring of sleep quality, notification functions with the smartphone. All data is collected by a dedicated application.

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The Garmin Instinct Esports Edition watch is available now at the recommended retail price
from €299.99.

Source : Garmin

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