Gears Dev Reveals Unreal Engine 5 Image on Xbox Series X

The Coalition, developer famous for their work on the series Gears, is preparing a technical demonstration of what it is capable of using the Unreal Engine 5 on Microsoft’s next generation consoles. While the demo is not yet ready to be shown on video, the dev has released a screenshot of the Xbox Series X to impress its fans:

According to the caption that appears on the image itself, the demo is called Alpha Point and the image was captured with the content running on the console itself. The choice of the moment for the “photo” was certainly well planned, because we can see different graphic elements in this single image.

The capture serves to assess the work with the light at different points in the scene, in addition to showing different textures. The futuristic object in the middle clashes with the rest of the environment, but it’s not just there to compose an impactful image. We can see another texture variation on its surface and another light point coming out of it.

The demo is being prepared as part of The Coalition’s presentation at GDC 2021 (Game Developers Conference). The event starts on July 20th, so we should have the full disclosure of the Alpha Point next week.

Unreal Engine 5 is the latest version of one of the most used graphics engines in the world. The tools are available in early access for developers and, in addition to the Coalition, the folks at Ninja Theory are also working with the engine, creating Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

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