Get polycarbonate in The Division 2

Get polycarbonate in The Division 2 3

We help you get polycarbonate in The Division 2. Manufacturing material that can be used for various item components. The hyenas seem to be hoarding this material.

Get polycarbonate in The Division 2

The classification of polymers is strong, resistant and versatile. And they are often used in construction, protective packaging and manufacturing of vehicles and electronic products. Some polycarbonates are transparent and can be used to create bulletproof lenses or windows. Polycarbonate is fully recyclable with excellent performance, but if disposed of improperly, the material can filter out chemicals that are hazardous to the environment as it decomposes.

How to get it: you take away the enemies of the hyena faction when they die, dismantling equipment or weapons.

Use: it is used in Crafting Station to make certain types of weapons or clothing from the available plans and to upgrade Crafting Workbench to Superior level (purple).

Up to 300 can be carried out at a time when you get the benefit of Manufacturing Material 3.

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