Ghost of Tsushima: Multiplayer Mode and New Game Plus Coming October 16

Last August, Sucker Punch unveiled a cooperative mode for Ghost of Tsushima. This one will arrive very soon with other novelties.

Released July 17, 2020, Ghost of Tsushima offers a high quality single-player experience. But in a few days, the PS4 exclusive will feature a multiplayer component with a full-fledged mode titled Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. It will be free for all players and will roll out in a few days via an update.

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Multiplayer is (almost) here

Thus, the PlayStation Blog announces that Legends will be available on October 16 with the arrival of patch 1.1. This is a cooperative mode (PlayStation Plus subscription required to play) inspired by Japanese mythology. Up to four players will be able to team up and choose from four different classes: samurai, hunter, ronin or assassin. Story and survival missions will be playable through this mode.

The New Game+ will also make an appearance with this patch. It will allow you to restart the game with the skills, cosmetic elements and all the arsenal obtained by having completed the adventure for the first time. In short, here is a good excuse to relaunch Ghost of Tsushima this month.

Source : PlayStation-Blog

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