Gmail dark mode missing for some people

The Gmail app is one of the latest Google Android apps to get the original dark mode, and the design took longer to appear to everyone at server-side launch. Now the option to change the theme has been lost for some people.

We’ve had several tips from readers on how to set up a theme that disappeared in Gmail 2019.12.30.289507923, leaving only the standard white layout. There are also many reports on Twitter, Reddit and other social networking sites.

Gmail no longer uses dark themes on OnePlus6t Nuanced Dark system

@ gmail. Why is pixel dark mode? 2 Is my Gmail missing? Early today it was dark, but now it’s blinding white without the Theme option in Settings. What happened @AndroidPolice

– Peter Lee (@MeButPublic) February 1, 2020

Using OP7 Pro and suddenly my dark Gmail theme returned to normal, and the “theme” button is no longer in the app. It happens randomly at noon. That bastard is from Oneplus

@AndroidPolice wonders if other users have Gmail’s dark mode option to disappear. I woke up this morning and found that the option to activate dark mode disappeared.

– Tom S (@tomtsp) February 2, 2020

How about restoring dark mode for the Gmail app? 😂
He is gone more than 24 hours ago, what happened?

– Dominik Ullrich (@zurichfighter) February 2, 2020

Do other people’s @gmail apps for Android / Google Pixel stop in dark mode?

– Coll Galicia (@collmemaybe_) February 1, 2020

Official gmail Twitter The account has offered no explanation for the error, it only directs people to general support documents. Most of the reports appear to be from Pixel owners (prank hints about Pixel bugs), although some OnePlus devices are also affected. Some claim that restarting your cell phone has fixed this problem.

Xiaomi “brings” audio feature from Windows for MIUI 12

Hope this bug fixes soon: my retina can’t take any more white Google apps.


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