Gmail on iOS will now automatically block loading of images

We are sure that many of us have received emails containing images in them. This type of email generally comes from companies that advertise their products or services. However, did you know that sometimes emails that don’t appear to have images can contain “invisible” images that can be used to track you?

The good news is that if you know this for the first time, Google has announced that Gmail for iOS will now automatically block images in emails. This means that loading of any image attachments in this email will be blocked. Conversely, if you want to see it, you must do it manually.

This is nothing new because Google has previously released the feature to other platforms, such as Gmail on the web, so it’s good to see that it also reaches mobile devices. This appears to be a response to an issue with the Superhuman email subscription service that allows users to track the recipient’s location after opening the message.

It was originally discovered by a former Twitter executive and designer Mike Davidson who wrote a blog post about it. Therefore, we must indicate that the configuration to block images in the email will be disabled by default. You must dive into the Gmail settings if you want to block it.

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