Google asked: “Who is the most curious movie actor of all time in Turkey?”

took an official step last week Google Turkey, now he is on Twitter and he is making remarkable posts here.

Google Turkey opened image for twitter to followers today “Who do you think is the most curious movie actor of all time in Turkey?” question was addressed. As a clue to this question later “Don’t hold the little brother-in-law, let him go.” was added and later the famous actor who is unfortunately not with us Kemal Sunal was declared. This is exactly what was shared: “Kemal Sunal is ranked number 1 in movie actor searches in Turkey.”

Google Turkey He asked a question yesterday. Here it was quoted:Are these the first people to ask about your zodiac sign when meeting someone new? We have a question for you. Which is the most searched zodiac sign on Google Turkey?In response to this, the following was shared: “Ram zodiac sign. Aries has a right to speak.”

So what was the most searched on Google last year? in 2021 Google in Most searched globally:

1) Australia vs India
2) India vs England
3) IPL
4) NBA
5) Euro 2021
6) Copa America
7) India vs New Zealand
8) T20 World Cup
9) Squid Game
10) DMX

2021 Google search results Turkey When we elaborate in particular, the following are exactly what we see: was out:

1) EBA login
2) Squid Game
3) LOL
4) Mesut Ozil
5) The Apple Case
6) MHRS appointment
7) First day of school
8) Unfaithful
9) Sezai Karakoç
10) Receive HES code

1) Mesut Ozil
2) Ebrar Karakurt
3) Mahmut Ozer
4) Burak Diamond
5) İrfan Can Kahveci
6) Miralem Pjanic
7) Gedson Fernandes
8) Nihal Yalcin
9) Batuhan Karacakaya
10) Zehra Gunes

1) Squid Game
2) Unfaithful
3) Love Logic Revenge
4) Innocence
5) Judgment
6) Three Cents
7) Innocents Apartment
8) You Knock My Door
9) Last Summer
10) Maraşlı

What we lost:
1) Rasim Oztekin
2) Doğan Cüceloğlu
3) Sezai Karakoç
4) Virgo Cengiz
5) Oguz Yilmaz
6) Hüner Coşkuner
7) Kadir Topbas
8) Ferhan Sensoy
9) Eagle Tibet
10) Karahan Bagay

1) Survivor Who Was Eliminated
2) Who Won Masterchef
3) Champion Who
4) The Girl in the Glass Hayri Kim
5) Who became the President of Galatasaray
6) Who is the new Minister of National Education?
7) Bogie who
8) Who Wrote Our Pledge
9) Who Invented Electricity
10) Who is the Chief of Police?

How does it go?:
1) How To Get A Runny Nose
2) How the Flu Passes
3) How to Cough
4) How a Stye Passes
5) How To Get A Rash
6) How To Treat Underarm Darkening
7) How to Get Rid of Acne Spots
8) How Calluses Pass
9) How to Relieve Mosquito Bite Itching
10) How to Treat Ear Congestion

1) How to Get HES Code
2) How to Make a Vaccination Appointment
3) How to Get Vaccination Card
4) How Full Closing Will Happen
5) How to Do a Water Diet
6) How to Perform Friday Prayer
7) How Peppa Pig Died
8) How to Spell Insulin
9) How to Perform a Ritual
10) How to Remove Turkey from the Group

1) When Schools Will Open
2) When is the Cabinet Meeting
3) When Bans End
4) When Full Shutdown
5) When will the cafes open
6) When is the Scientific Committee Meeting
7) When DGS Preferences
8) When YKS Preference Results Will Be Announced 2021
9) When Schools Will Close
10) When is the Turkey Match?

1) Güllaç recipe
2) Cold Baklava Recipe
3) Taco recipe
4) Tulumba dessert recipe
5) Souffle recipe in the pot
6) Galette recipe
7) Goulash recipe
8) Raw Meatballs Recipe
9) Panna cotta recipe
10) Sketching recipe

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