Google Chrome: on Android, you can now preview a page before opening it

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The browser Google Chrome on Android acquires a new Web page preview function, which exploits the mode of operation of the tabs recently implemented.

A new feature is being rolled out to the Android version of the Chrome browser: page preview.

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The option now appears after a long press on a link, between “ Open private browsing tab ” and ” Copy link address “. By selecting “ Preview page », you access its preview, allowing you to quickly check whether the proposed content corresponds to your search before fully opening the page.

In fact, it is even possible to consult an entire page in this preview format, to click on other links, in short to navigate normally.

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A swipe down or a press on the cross located at the top right allows you to exit the preview and return to the previous page. Next to the cross, an icon gives the possibility to open the page properly in a new tab.

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A new interface for managing tabs

The tab in question is then grouped in a folder of tabs also including the source page from which you launched the preview.

As a reminder, the last major update of Chrome on Android brought a brand new interface of tabs in the form of a grid, allowing to view more tabs at the same time than with the system of cards vertically.

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This UI also offers the possibility of grouping tabs together in a very intuitive way, by sliding, which the preview function uses.

The update is done by Google on the server side only, so you don’t need to download or install anything, if you already have version 89 of Google Chrome for Android.

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