Google explains how apps have been improved for tablets

Google eventually realized that it would be a good idea to optimize both Android and apps for larger screens, like tablets and foldables. Android 12L and later versions of the operating system offer an interface adapted for tablets.

In the last six months, Google has also gradually optimized its own apps for larger panels. Google talks in a blog post about the latest improvements to Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Keep.

One of the novelties is support for drag & drop in split-screen when two apps are active at the same time. It is possible to drag text and images from, for example, Chrome and Sheets and drop the content into documents or spreadsheets.

Files can be uploaded to Drive by grabbing the files and dropping them in the Drive window on tablets. Users can also create links to files by grabbing the file and dropping the file in, for example, Keep. Drive also supports two Drive windows opening simultaneously side by side, for improved multitasking.

Google further mentions that images inserted into notes in Keep can be dragged from Keep into other applications. The news will be sent out to Workspace accounts and personal Google accounts in the coming weeks.

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