Google Go: the ultralight version of the search engine reaches the world with important news

At the end of 2017 Google launched a ultralight version of your search engine under the name of Google Go, an application of just over 7 MB that until now was only available in very few countries and for Android Go Edition devices.

As of today the ultralight application Google Go to be available for download for everyone. The lite version of the search engine can now be downloaded from any country and any device.

This is Google Go

Google Go

Google Go It is a light and fast application destined mainly for those devices with little storage, but also for those users who only want a version basic Google search, and they don’t care sacrifice the Google Assistant or Google Lens features.

Here in Google Go we find a simple application to perform searches, download images and GIFs, discover news with Discover and use a capped version of Google Lens. In addition, it also acts as a launcher when displaying the applications that we have installed.

Google Lens It is one of the novelties of the worldwide launch of Google Go. Google image recognition is released in this ultralight version with a capped version, which only allows to recognize the text of the picture taken by the camera. The options that this version of Lens allows is to translate the text or listen to it aloud.

The other novelty is that the integrated Google Go web browser also allows us ** to listen to the text of the web pages **, something that the full version of Google does not allow to do.

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Google Go

There will be no missing voice search or search widget from Google to integrate this new ultralight search engine into our home screen.

Google Go It is an application focused on emerging countries, where devices have little storage and data rates are expensive. In the application settings we can activate your basic mode to save data when loading basic web pages. Allows us save 40% of data.

The normal version of the Google application exceeds 200 MB of space while this ultralight version occupies 10 times less.

Google Go

Google Go

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