Google is giving away €300 to those who will help it improve its speech recognition for people with speech impairments

Google Voice Recognition

As part of its Euphonia project, Google invites you to participate by reading sentences aloud.

An exercise that the company rewards with a remuneration of 300 euros.

This project is already a few years old since Google initiated it in 2019. It is a research initiative aimed at helping people who suffer from language disorders by improving voice recognition models.

In order to improve voice assistants, Google needs voice samples from individuals with these difficulties. To encourage people to participate, the Mountain View giant is ready to put his hand in the wallet.

The proposal is simple: volunteers record themselves, using an online tool provided by Google, reading sentences aloud. These recordings will allow the firm to study how to improve voice recognition for people with speech disorders.

Admission criteria and procedure

To participate, you must meet two conditions. The first, be at least 18 years old. The second, having trouble making yourself understood when you speak – and not just because of your accent, says Google!

Then, the task proceeds in two stages. The first is a kind of test: you will have an introductory list of about 30 sentences which will be used to detect and solve any recording problem; Google also uses them to determine which phrases will be studied next.

Once this phase is completed, you will receive a complete list of approximately 1300 phrases. According to Google, reading them takes between 4 and 7 hours; however, the company invites you to take your time.

The reward

Google obviously adheres to the adage “all work deserves pay”; if you participate, you will get a bonus.

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For 1300 registered phrases, Google will give you a cash gift card worth 300 euros. This gives an hourly wage of 75 euros for those who complete their task in 4 hours; around 43 euros for those who take more than 7 hours. Well, you can imagine, the primary goal of this approach is probably not the lure of profit; remains that this tidy sum is always good to take.

The entry form can be downloaded here.

Source : Google

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