Google launches ‘mumble’ song finder system [İzle]

internet giant Googlehas brought a very nice feature to the search engine. The era of finding songs by just “humming” started.

Googlecontinues to improve its services. The new feature that comes in this context, as we said above, is the main application of Google on iOS and Android platforms. find songs by simply “murmuring” or “whistling” allows. Thanks to this feature, people can find the song stuck in their head with the right humming, although it is not very easy. As you can imagine in the infrastructure from an advanced artificial intelligence The internet giant, which received help, also offers access to the feature via Assistant. However, it should be noted that this feature is not offered for the first time. Another service also has the feature of finding songs by humming for a long time.

Google was on the agenda with its latest plan for YouTube

YouTube continues on its way unrivaled in the market. Google, on the other hand, has a plan to commercially develop this service, which costs incredible. That is why efforts are being made to make YouTube a shopping platform at the same time. The products that the company sees in the videos infrastructure that you can buy directly on YouTube wants to install. In fact, the feature, which has been actively tested, looks good for content producers as much as the company itself. Because it is reported that a share will be sent to the content producer from the purchases made through the video.

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