Google Maps Launches Features to Move Safely During Pandemic

New Google Maps tools help avoid crowding on public transport, and warn of COVID-19-related travel restrictions

O Google Maps for Android and iOS (iPhone) brings new features so that the user can find useful information on their way, whether on foot, by car or by public transport.

the pandemic of new coronavirus brought changes in our daily lives, and this also impacts the way we move from one place to another. While staying at home is recommended, at some point it will be necessary to go out to the market, work, or some other important appointment, and it would not be safe if we knew if the subway station is full, or if buses are running at intervals longer than time? Check out the news.

Important information on your route

When you establish a path, the Google Maps evaluates your starting point, your arrival, and all the way in between. Using up-to-date information from traffic departments, alerts will be displayed for your route, such as traffic restrictions and mandatory use of masks on public transport. Initially, this information will be available for Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, UK and USA.

When crossing national borders (starting in the US and Canada), notifications will be displayed about health checkpoints and restrictions related to COVID-19 for each country.

If you need to go to a service or testing center for COVID-19, the Google Maps will alert you to get in touch before starting the journey, in order to receive guidance from health professionals. Thus, you can be directed to the most convenient place of care — as per the criteria of health authorities — avoiding overloading the health system. This feature will be available primarily in Indonesia, Israel, the Philippines, South Korea and the USA.

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Google Maps helps avoid crowding on public transport

O Google Maps has been improving the public transport user experience, such as the feature that provides for the movement of people on buses, trains and subways launched last year. These predictions are made based on the history of people using the transport. Now, the user can collaborate by informing the number of people, so that other passengers can avoid stations and full wagons. To do this just click on Routes, follow to Traffic Information and check the stocking, or share the experience to contribute to the system.

In the February update, which celebrated the 15th anniversary of Google Maps, the platform included information such as temperature, accessibility and safety on board public transport, which includes carriages reserved for women. This information was provided by public transport companies, and now users can also make their contributions, improving the information available. More information about accessibility will be made available, such as wheelchair-adapted doors, seats and stop buttons.

If you want to plan to avoid full transport, now just locate a station in the Maps, and by clicking on it you can see the train times and capacity, according to availability in the region. All this information will begin to appear in the coming weeks, from the aggregation of data from users who have enabled Browsing History in Google. Information will only be disclosed when there is a sufficient volume of data to meet privacy demands.

Source: Google

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