Google Photos is able to recognize the text of the photographs and allows us to copy it to other applications

Since Google will officially present its Google Photos photo service, there have been many users who have relied on the free storage system that it makes available to us. But not for being free, but also for the large number of options it offers and those that are yet to come.

Google Photos allows us search for places, faces, objects or concepts more abstract …, but he was not able to allow us to find images according to the text he showed us. At least until now, since the search giant has just added a character recognition system, also known as OCR.

Google Photos - Text recognition

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The last function that Google Photos has just added is found in the possibility of recognize text in photographs, as if an OCR were treated. This function has begun to reach users little by little, so if you do not have them available yet, it should not take long to have it.

The operation is very simple. By recognizing the text shown in the images, we can perform searches where those words are indicated. In addition, we can also, once we select the image in question, recognize the full text and copy it for later paste into other applications.

Google Photos is able to recognize the text of the photographs and allows us to copy it to other applications 2

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Not only is it available in English, but also recognize Spanish and even Arabic and Cyrillic characters. This function will not arrive in the form of an application update, but it does so through Google’s servers, so we just have to sit back and wait for it to arrive without being aware of upcoming application updates.

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Google Photos is available for download for free through the link that I leave at the end of this article. This free service also allows us to store each and every one of the photographs and videos we make with our terminals, being one of the best backup methods for our smartphone.

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