Google Photos: test the new souvenir widgets with the Material You design

Google Photos offers new Material You widgets in various shapes to beautify your Home screen with souvenir images.

Google Photos Widgets

Try the new Google Photos widgets // Source: Frandroid

Google Photos in turn benefits from new Material You-style widgets – like Google Maps recently. Their arrival had been anticipated for a few weeks and some might be particularly interested in their original form. These people will soon be able to give it a try since, as Android Police reports, Google Photos widgets are starting to roll out on Android.

Thanks to them, the application of the American giant will display your souvenir photos (selected by the app) on your home page by integrating them into a frame that can take different forms. The widget may look like some kind of a star or a flower, but you will also have the choice of a circle, a square or an oblong format.

Frames available for Google Photos widgets

Frames available for Google Photos widgets // Source: Frandroid

The deployment already seems to involve a good number of people. At Frandroid, we have already been able to take advantage of these new forms of Material You widgets on two smartphones, one under Android 12, the other under Android 11.

How to use Google Photos widgets

Concretely, you just have to select the Google Photos tile in your catalog of widgets and confirm the addition on your home screen. Only then will an interface ask you what type of frame you want.

Your home screen will display a photo taken one, two, three, four or five years ago. By clicking on it, you can discover other souvenir photos. When you return to your Home screen, the widgets will show more snapshots.

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To take advantage of these widgets, you just need to make sure you have version 5.65 of the Google Photos application. If despite this, you are still not entitled to it, you will have to wait for the server-side activation from the Mountain View company.

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