Google Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5: they are all likely to step on each other’s toes

While the Google Pixel 4a is slated for release in France in October, pre-orders for the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 would begin the same month. What create a little traffic jam at Google?

Back of the Google Pixel 4a

The back of the Google Pixel 4a // Source: Frandroid

The Google Pixel 4a was officially unveiled at the beginning of August and we have already published our first reviews on the device which already impresses with its photo quality. Yes, but there is a small catch. Due to the health crisis that deeply marked the year 2020, the production of the smartphone has been delayed and, in France, its marketing is scheduled for October only.

However, Google has also specified that a Pixel 4a 5G and a Pixel 5 were planned for the fall. And, as 9to5Google noticed, the French branch of the company may have given an even more specific clue on the release date of these two future devices.

“”, Can we read on a cached version of the announcement article published by the Mountain View firm – the post still online no longer contains this sentence. We can thus imagine that the marketing of products would soon follow.

The importance of communicating well

However, we end up with a Pixel 4a available in October in France, the launch of which risks being cannibalized by the release of the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. If these beautiful people seem to be walking a little on their toes, we should not do not forget either that the three terminals can still coexist.

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The Pixel 4a is indeed announced at the recommended price of 349 euros when the Pixel 4a 5G variant will launch at 499 euros and the Pixel 5 should also run in this area. The brand will then have to conduct its communication smoothly to explain to consumers the three choices available to them.

The Google Pixel 5a is not expected before the year 2021 and its predecessor, the Pixel 4a is not yet formalized. This does not prevent it from already being mentioned in AOSP.
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