Google Pixel 6 is randomly calling people

Some Pixel 6 owners have run into a bug that causes the phone to call people in the contact list by itself, via the Google Assistant. This should have happened even when the Pixel 6 was inactive and not in use.

The problem seems to be that the Google Assistant activates by itself and even though it doesn’t hear a command, it makes itself call a contact. A temporary measure should be to turn off the feature that allows the Google Assistant to be used even though the screen is locked.

Google has announced that they are aware of the bug and that they are “working on an immediate fix”.

So I guess whether you migrated from another phone (and ran into the mic mute bug) or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is:
1. Assistant gets randomly triggered by absolutely nothing.
2. When it hears nothing, it decides to do shit on its own, like “Call James.”

Like… wut.

— Artem Russakovskii (@ArtemR) November 5, 2021

First reference to Pixel 5 spotted in AOSP

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