Google Play Pass will launch in the United States this week with access unlocked …

Google Play Pass will give customers open access to 350 apps and games. This means that there are no in-app purchases to pay, no upfront payments or ads. After a 10-day free trial, the service fee is $ 4,999 per month, based on cost Apple Arcade But if you act now, as they say on the nightly infomercial that night, Google will give you 12 First Month of Service for $ 1,999 / month with the price going back to $ 4,999 / month after that. You can exit the 10-day trial at any time and cancel your subscription if you are in the mood; after you retire, you can no longer take advantage of the discounted price. Play Pass subscriptions can be distributed to up to five other family members.

So how can you find apps and games covered by a Google Play Pass subscription? Good question, thanks for asking. A new Play Pass tab will soon be added to the Play Store app that will show you the apps and games available to Play Pass customers. And if you browse the Play Store aimlessly, the ticket icon will show what apps and games are included with your Play Pass subscription.

After Play Pass is available on your Android device, you can start a 10-day free trial by logging in Google Play Store. Touchez the burger menu icon on the left side of the search bar and search for Play Pass.

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