Google receives permission to build a data center in Horndal

The Land and Environmental Court has today approved Google’s request to build a data center with associated backup power plant in Horndal in Avesta municipality, Dalarna. The project has been discussed since 2017.

At the same time, Google has received permission to use surface water from the Dalälven for cooling. According to the Land and Environmental Court, Google’s possible establishment in Horndal will not bring any unauthorized impact on protected natural areas or on air or water quality.

As a condition for the approval, Google must strive to use only fossil-free fuel for the backup power plant, which will initially be powered by diesel, by 2030. Google owns the land in Horndal intended for the data center, but the company has not yet decided whether a data center will be built, as it depends on future needs for increased data capacity in Europe.

According to the terms of the permit, Google must have started construction within ten years.

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