Google Travel helps tourists plan for the pandemic

With the relaxation of social distance in some countries and cities, Google Viagens can help tourists decide which are the best destinations at the moment, displaying important data such as the percentage of flights in operation and the proportion of places available in some hotels.

In this pandemic scenario, it is possible that the cases of covid-19 in a certain place will increase and the destination will become an unfeasible option. In this sense, the search engine offers an extremely useful tool that allows you to filter hotels or vacation rentals by the criterion of free cancellation. Thus, in case there is any unforeseen event, the customer will not have to pay additional fees.

These possibilities are available on Google Viagens, which also allows you to check if flight prices are within normal limits or if they have risen for reasons related to the pandemic.

Remember that Google Maps can also help with this task. Since June, the service has had alerts on access blocks to certain regions and changes in public transport caused by covid-19.

However, it is possible to find general information about the pandemic through the search giant since March. Google only added supplemental data to help those planning to travel later this year.

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