Google will take its Virtual Assistant to people away from Internet connectivity

Google is not satisfied with bringing its services to those who have a device connected to the Internet. The company It also wants to reach those people who, for some reason or another, do not have access to the Internet in any way.

In this regard, the company has announced, at an event held in New Delhi, India, that The Virtual Assistant will take those users who have a basic mobile phone without Internet connectivity, starting in India.

Users should only use Vodafone and Idea operators’ networks to dial the number 000-800-9191-000 and make your requests. Telephone calls to this service they will not entail any cost for the users themselves.

As they point out in TechCrunch, Google has already tested this service with thousands of users in Lucknow and Kanpur before making its general launch. It is estimated that more than half of the Indian population still remain completely disconnected, without access to the Internet or by landlines or through smartphones.

On the other hand, Google has also announced the launch of the Interpreter Mode to the Virtual Assistant, which will be deployed in the coming months. This function will allow to establish conversations between two people who speak in different languages, translating the conversations themselves, including translations between English and Hindi.

In addition, it will allow users to carry their voice commands in a different language than their own device set up without changing their language settings. This possibility will come in handy to users in India, where they have nine different languages.

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In this way, they will not need to bother changing the device language to set their commands in a different language. Just tell the Assistant to speak in the language you want at any time.

Image: Google Home

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