Google’s camera app now only saves the bokeh version of portrait photos

For years, the Camera app on Pixel phones saved duplicate versions of portrait photos – one with bokeh effect and one without. Until the end of the summer, each individual portrait image was also saved in a separate folder.

Google Photos detected the folders and automatically lumped the pairs together, but it could be all the more messy for those using gallery apps from the Play Store. With the latest version of the camera app, Google has taken it a step further and only saves a single portrait image: the bokeh version.

Perhaps the change is partly due to the fact that free storage on Google Photos ends on June 1 next year. For those who never used the backup version of portrait photos anyway, it’s probably just nice to avoid it.

Pixel owners who still haven’t received Google Camera 8.1 should hopefully be able to find the update in the Play Store.

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