Google’s Pixel Event Date Announced

One of the Silicon Valley giants, Google has announced the date of the Pixel event, where the company will introduce the new devices of the Android-based smartphone series Pixel.

The coming Autumn period will be a bombshell for tech companies and their fans. These bombs will start 2 days later when Apple introduces the iPhone 14. Apple introduces the iPhone 14, but other technology companies stand back?

Of course it doesn’t stop. Another Silicon Valley giant, Google, announced that it will introduce Pixel devices, which it has already started sending invitations to people. announced the due date.

Google will hold Pixel event on October 6

The technology giant launches new Pixel devices on Thursday, October 6 Turkey time at 17.00will introduce it to the whole world at the Pixel event, which will take place in the Brooklyn area of ​​New York City. So what will be introduced at the event?

Google already gave a preview of the Pixel 7 to the public in the spring, but rumor has it that the star of this event is not the Pixel 7, the new device of the company’s smartphone series Pixel, but Google’s new smartwatch. Pixel Watch will be. In addition, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch will also be introduced at the event.

It’s been a while since Google’s last event where it introduced many products, so rumor has it that Google’s upcoming event on October 6th. We will see plenty of new technological products at the event. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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