GoPro Hero 9 Black can have color front screen, show pictures

The upcoming GoPro Hero 9 Black, model not yet announced, had images published by the WinFuture website this past weekend. Unlike the current model, the brand’s new top-of-the-line action camera will have a new color screen also on the front.

The current GoPro Hero 8 has a ‘status screen’ that displays battery, resolution and recording time information – the current recording time and the rest supported by the microSD card – for example.

In the released images of the new model, the overall design of the product does not differ much from what we are used to. You can see, in the illustration, a standard color image both on the main screen and on the front. The idea would be to make it more accessible for vloggers.

5K recording support

The site also claims to have documents on hand that mention support for recording at 5K resolution on branded cameras. However, the “concrete technical details are not yet available”.

It’s worth remembering that the GoPro Hero 8 Black was announced in October 2019. So, despite the lack of technical information about the next model, there’s a chance we’ll have an announcement event soon.

The most versatile and most stable HERO camera ever created! It’s been optimized for you to add lighting, professional audio and even another screen.

In the future, with a more flexible model, GoPro Hero 9 Black could also meet the need of those who make recordings alone – in the format explored in vlogs, for example.

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