Got Xbox Game Pass? Maybe you will have free access to the Mixer platform!

With the recent change of the Ninja Streamer, leaving the Twitch To join the Mixer platform, many questions have been raised… After all, there has been a lot of speculation about the amount Microsoft will have offered to Streamer.

But forgetting about Ninja’s bank account, more recently, many Youtubers have begun to comment that the Xbox Game Pass may also be coming to the Mixer platform. But could this be possible?

What is the origin of the rumor, and how did it spread?

Got Xbox Game Pass? Maybe you will have free access to the Mixer platform! 2

The Mixer platform already has a Streaming protocol that is most likely a market leader. Allowing interactive features, called “Mixplay” and even integration with the Windows 10 and the Xbox One consoles.

However, there has been much speculation lately on how a possible benefit offering to Mixer users on Xbox Game Pass. It could ultimately attract more users to both parties.

This is because a free Mixer platform subscription for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers… Not only is it being asked the most by fans on the platform’s Feedback portal. As would also be a good way to replicate the success decision of the Amazon, With your Amazon Prime

How did the Xbox One CEO express himself on the subject?


After being questioned in the Twitter about this possible partnership, Phil Spencer replied as follows:

“We are always listening and learning. This is because so many people have come to find a connection between the Xbox Game Pass and the Mixer platform. Which we really think is a great idea. ”

In short, just like Phil Spencer said, this partnership is indeed a great idea! This is because both parties will gain from a possible partnership. Mixer, because it could gain millions of new users on the platform. And Xbox, could make more money with your Xbox Game Pass. But let’s wait and see what happens.

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