Government buys only 2% of the syringes needed for vaccination

In an electronic auction held this Tuesday (29), the Ministry of Health managed to buy only 7.9 million syringes and needles of the 331 million units initially planned by the agency for the application of the vaccine against the new coronavirus, according to the newspaper The State of São Paulo.

The low number of units purchased, which corresponds to 2.4% of the total number of syringes desired by the folder to start immunization against covid-19 in Brazil, was caused by the price charged by companies participating in the auction. The values ​​were above those estimated by the authorities.

In the public notice, the acquisition of sets of syringes and needles of four types was foreseen, with the main criterion adopted being the lowest price, observing the technical requirements. In one of the lots, the amount charged by the supplier was R$0.22 per unit, while the Ministry estimated the price at R$0.13. In another, the proposals presented ranged from R$0.23 to R$0.42, but the reference value was R$0.18.

Now, the companies chosen to supply the material purchased in this first trading session must submit the technical documentation to the Health Logistics Department, which will analyze the papers before signing the delivery contract.

New event will be held

With the failure of this auction, a new auction will need to be held by the federal government to buy syringes and needles, materials that are normally purchased by states and municipalities. However, the Ministry of Health has decided to take responsibility for these supplies since the beginning of the pandemic.

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The date for the new event has not yet been set, but the event should take place before the start of immunization, scheduled to start between January 20th and February 10th, according to the folder.

The government is also awaiting the delivery of 40 million syringes and needles made available by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), which should arrive in March.

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