Guess who will be able to use Snapchat in their browser?

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Previously reserved for paying subscribers, the web version of Snapchat is now available to everyone. In particular, it gives access to a feature widely used by regulars of the service.

To discover the social network on your browser, it happens at this address.

A promise finally kept

After long weeks of waiting, Snapchat finally arrives in a brand new version for web browsers. The announcement dated back to last July and it therefore materializes today. Until now, only subscribers to the Snapchat+ service (€3.99/month) could take advantage of it. Remember that the paid subscription allows frequent users to obtain special badges or to pin a “best friend”.

Anyway, this exclusivity is now over since everyone can discover this famous Web version. It is therefore a new way of understanding Snapchat that is offered to us, with a larger display on PC screens or on a Mac. And an emblematic feature of the social network is already usable there.

Like on mobile (or almost)

Thus, Snapchat on the web makes it possible to make video calls with friends. Chats are automatically synced between mobile devices and computers so you can continue the conversation in any setting. As reported The Verge, 100 million people use Snapchat every month to call friends. It is therefore an essential tool for this browser version.

We can of course imagine that other elements will be added to this iteration of Snapchat in the near future. In parallel, the social network plans to bring various novelties during the fall, whether on the mobile application or on the Web edition.

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Source : The Verge

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