Guide on Setting Proxy Server at Windows 10 for Beginners

Have you ever heard the word proxy or proxy server? A proxy server is a server computer or computer program that can act as another computer to do request for content from the Internet or intranet (Wikipedia). Or for layman’s understanding is a tool commonly used to be able to surf the internet.

There are so many benefits from using a proxy server, for example to hide your IP identity, protect privacy, even to access certain sites that are blocked in a certain region or country. Even though you can actually use VPN, Proxy Sever is easier to use.

For the people of Indonesia, it must be familiar that many sites have been blocked by the government. For example, such as sites that provide pirated content, download sites and so on. But, there are also sites that are actually good for getting information on, instead of being blocked by the government. Therefore, in order to access blocked sites you can use a Proxy Server from other countries that have not blocked the site.

How to Setting a Proxy Server on Windows 10

Using a Proxy Server for some people may still be confused or do not know how to set the proxy server. Actually the way is quite easy and does not require a long time. how do? Immediately, follow the steps – how to set the proxy server at Windows 10 below.

1. First, please first determine which proxy server you want to go to. If you are still confused about which proxy server you want to go to, you can check it or find a free proxy server through Free Proxy List or Gatherproxy. There will be lots of proxy servers that you can use. For example like in the picture below.

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How to Setting a Proxy Server on Windows 10 with Freeproxy

2. Then, to before starting to set the proxy at Windows, You can check the IP first original that you are using before connecting to the proxy is to open the page For example like in the picture below.

check ip

3. Then, please open the Network & Internet settings. how do? Please click on the method Settings icon after you click the icon windows. Like in the picture below.

settings icon

4. Then, please click Network & Internet. Like in the picture below.

How to Setting a Proxy Server on Windows 10 Through Network & Internet

5. Then, please click Proxy in the menu section on your left. Like in the picture below.


6. Then, you will see options by default Automatically detect settings will be active. This means Windows will automatically detect proxy settings using WPAD (Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol). Well, if you want to set a proxy server on Windows 10 as you wish, then please turn off this option first and change it to Off by clicking on the button. Like in the picture below.

How to Setting a Proxy Server on Windows 10 for Beginners

7. Then, in section Manual Proxy Setup please activate Use a proxy server by changing the option to On Like in the picture below.

on use proxy server

8. Then, please enter Address and Port on your destination proxy server. Then, if you have clicked please Save. Like in the picture below.

address and port

9. Now try to check your connected IP, and if you have successfully connected with a proxy then your IP should change to match the Proxy IP. For example like in the picture below.

check ip

10. If your proxy server is not connected to the internet, it means that the proxy server you are using is dead, or the quality of the proxy is bad. If that happens, then please look for another proxy and select it until you find a good proxy.

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8. Done. Now you can surf the internet to your liking.

After you set the proxy server, all applications that are connected to the internet will use the IP Address of the proxy server as an identity when surfing the Internet, and not the default IP Address of your PC / Laptop.

The sites that are blocked will be able to access again if you have already done so. But it depends on which proxy server you use. However, not only that, for some people the use of a proxy server is used to increase internet speed, of course this will depend on the proxy server used.

This tutorial is all about setting up a proxy server at Windows 10 easily. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful. Thank you ????

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