Hackers can steal your data simply by connecting to a Wi-Fi network

Stealing information when using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi networks are available almost everywhere. We find them in shopping malls, train stations, airports … Are they all safe now? The truth is, no. We may come across wireless access points that are designed solely to privacy policy. risky.

Steal your data simply by connecting to a Wi-Fi network

How could they spoof our identity using Wi-Fi? Basically, the attacker is going to collect all the data we send or receive. For example, if we enter a social network, by mail, on a forum … Also, even if we use an instant messenger and send messages.

The hacker is about to create fake hotspot that masquerades as a legal Wi-Fi network, but actually controls it. Thus, the entire connection can go through the attacker. This is known as the Man in the Middle attack.

Let’s say we pay on a specific site. This can happen if the process is running on an unencrypted page. It could steal our bank card details, find out our personal information, and then use it against us.

Therefore, in order to spoof our identity using Wi-Fi networks, attackers will have to collect information that we send when we browse. This includes any process such as sending messages, emails, logging into pages, making a payment … This means that we must always be careful when using public networks.

Usar Wi-Fi públicos con seguridad

Can we prevent data theft when using public networks?

This is an important question. We talked about how to find Wi-Fi networks built exclusively for attacks. Thus, cybercriminals could even spoof our identity , create a social media profile with our name, make payments as if it were us, etc.

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But yes, we can prevent this. Logically, the first thing to do is to connect only to wireless networks, which we will completely trust. For example, we should never connect to open networks in public places, much less send data through them.

It is also necessary to consider the possibility of using VPN Services … These programs encrypt our connection. This way, everything we send and receive goes through a kind of tunnel and cannot be read by third parties. We could have avoided the attacks of the Man in the Middle that we pointed out. Of course, we must always prevent the loss of the VPN connection.

Ultimately, a seemingly secure Wi-Fi network can become a real problem for users. This can be a starting point for hackers to steal personal data and, when the time is right, forge our identity. It is important that we understand the importance of maintaining privacy and using certain tools, such as a VPN, to do so.

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