Harry Potter bewitching people in GTA V becomes viral

The mods are life, the mods can completely change a game or just tweak it to enjoy a unique experience, a good case is the one we discussed today: Harry Potter in the world of GTA V. And, in case we had found little that Keanu Reeves himself could become the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain thanks to the KinMar modder, now he’s another artist, Meth0d, who has gone viral giving us the opportunity to walk through Los Santos with the famous Howgarts student.

And, far from thinking that everything is going to be as harmonious – well, from time to time – as in the magic school, Nimbus 2000 and wand in hand, Harry Potter himself will demonstrate who rules in the neighborhood. Traveling by flying with the broom itself and casting spells that could well be 10 times more powerful and deadly than a flamethrower, the character of J. K. Rowling It becomes the most dangerous of the game, even more than the protagonists themselves, as we can see in the following video:

Meth0d, has not only brought Harry Potter to GTA V a couple of years ago, if not a pioneer in terms of mods for the game of Rockstar games he refers, bringing in curious characters like the evil Pennywise, Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, Minecraft characters and even DC superheroes and villains and Marvel. A great variety for all tastes. If you want to discover all its modifications, we leave you with the link to your gallery.

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