Has arrived! Understand how Roku will work in Brazil

One of the most famous smart TV operating systems, Roku arrives in Brazil today. Check out the advantages

O roku, American company of smart TV operating systems, announced this Tuesday (21) its arrival in Brazil. The brand is known for set-top-boxes, devices that allow to make the television connected, similar to Google Chromecast, but in the country it bets on the TV market with the line Roku TV.

“It is a pleasure to take Roku to Brazil, one of the largest streaming markets in the world”, celebrated Anthony Wood, CEO and founder of Roku.

“With the arrival of Roku, consumers in Brazil will be able to watch all their favorite TV shows and movies on the Roku platform, easy to use and available at an affordable price. We want to offer streaming to everyone in Brazil.”

said Anthony Wood, CEO and founder of Roku

Smart Smart TVs at an Affordable Price

O roku is bringing to Brazil two smart TV models in partnership with AOC: the most affordable has 32 inches and HD resolution, with a launch price of R$ 1,200. THE Roku TV more expensive is R$1,600 and has 43 inches and Full HD resolution. The TVs will also be manufactured in partnership with the AOC and can already be seen on the official website of AOC in Brazil.

Models for sale

  • 32 inches: HD with built-in wired and wireless connectivity;
  • 43 inches: FHD with built-in wired and wireless connectivity.

“We are excited to partner with AOC to bring the first Roku TV models to Brazil. AOC is one of the main smart TV brands in Brazil and now, with the Roku operating system, consumers can enjoy a more accessible and easy-to-use streaming experience”

said Arthur Van Rest, vice president of international at Roku.

Among the features offered, TVs bring experience by streaming, cable/satellite and antenna with a custom home screen; ease of discovering content; remote control with shortcut buttons for some channels; ability to control the TV through the smartphone app, plus “private mode” for headphone (available for Android and iOS).

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The two televisions rotate Raku OS, the operating system of raku, which allows you to watch content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO GO, in addition to using the Spotify, Deezer, between others. O raku offers several movies and TV episodes with more than 5,000 channels of streaming, which are available at Roku Channel Store. The company explains that consumers themselves can access the channels on demand (“on demand”, in free translation) on the home screen of the Roku TV.

O Raku OS is classified as “the heart of the platform”. It was developed exclusively for TVs.

Smart TVs will be in physical retail from February. However, the models will be sold on the website of Casas Bahia, Extra and Ponto Frio as of this Wednesday (22).

Roku TV Strategy

In a recent interview with the newspaper The State of São Paulo, Wood explains that the company has focused on conquering the North American market for a long time. For him, it’s time to “cross borders”. Wood still reinforces that Brazil is a great “streaming market”.

The company, however, arrives on the domestic market with great care. Instead of offering its TV Box sets, it was decided to “launch” a brand of televisions to gradually consolidate, conquering the Brazilian public.

Anthony Wood, CEO and Founder of Roku

Partnership with Globoplay

In order to offer streaming without giving up the local content, the roku also announced a partnership with Globoplay, the service of streaming gives Globe, a platform that is accessed by more than 22 million people.

The app of Globoplay it will be integrated into the company’s televisions, but users will have to subscribe for R$21.90 a month to access the contents. That is, no difference from other smart TVs on the market.

“The partnership with Roku is of strategic importance for the development of the streaming market in Brazil. Globoplay’s content will allow Roku an excellent position in our market right from the start. Given the relevance of its platform in other countries, we see Roku with excellent potential in our country”.

said Fernando Ramos, executive director of G2C Globo.

To Erick Brêtas, general director of Globoplay, “Roku will be a key partner in Globoplay’s expansion. It will improve the experience of those who consume streaming services on TV, it will bring more competition and quality to the market.”

in addition to Globoplay and other services already mentioned here (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, Spotify and Deezer), are in the list of services offered by roku in Brazil: Baby First TV, DAZN, Google Play (to watch movies and TV shows), happy kids, look, playkids (Brazilian educational channel) and Youtube.

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So far, there is no forecast to launch in Brazil the set-top-boxes to compete with directly with Chromecast and Apple TV.

Source: roku.

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