HDR10+ Gaming: all about the HDR standard dedicated to gamers

HDR10+ Gaming Samsung © Samsung

Samsung unveiled its in-house alternative to the Dolby Vision for gaming: say hello to HDR10+ Gaming.

Under this name, which may seem like simple marketing, actually hides a technology that is really geared towards video games on consoles, PCs and Cloud Gaming.

With the arrival of new video game consoles, Sony’s PlaySation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S, the general public has discovered a certain number of technologies. Among other things 4K at 120 fps, HDMI 2.1 and ray tracing hides the VRR, in French “variable refresh rate”. This pretty name is rather telling: the VRR simply allows you to change the refresh rate of a stream when necessary. The image produced is smoother and does not experience tearing.

And Samsung has understood that this technology has become particularly important in the world of home video games (since the PC is already taking advantage of it), which is why HDR10+ Gaming will be based on this element, among other things. The first TVs supporting VRR-enabled HDR10+ Gaming up to 120Hz will be launched in 2022.

As for the other elements noted by Samsung, it is more about ease of use than fluidity. The Korean manufacturer promises an automatic HDR calibration, allowing the television and the console to communicate in order to continuously display the best possible settings.

Of course, when talking about new standards, image filters and automation, one thing is always particularly scary: latency. Samsung seems to have thought about it too and promises that the tone mapping process for HDR10+ Gaming will not add any “ input lag “.

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The arrival of HDR10+ Gaming in 2022, but where?

Samsung had already communicated on the arrival of the first compatible televisions, as we mentioned earlier in the article. But despite the brand’s desire to highlight its technology as quickly as possible, its main competitor Dolby Vision has already taken a long lead with a presence already anchored in many high-end televisions.

So that’s the main problem: it’s hard to believe that Microsoft is implementing HDR10+ Gaming support after having just introduced Dolby Vision and Sony has never wanted to implement classic HDR10+. Can a standard designed for gaming find its place without the support of the main manufacturers (apart from Nintendo which, for the time being, does not support any equivalent technology on Switch)?

In an attempt to break into the market, Samsung has partnered with NVIDIA for the launch of the new standard. Players using a GeForce graphics card (30X0, 2X02 or 16X0) will be able to enjoy HDR10+ Gaming on their compatible monitor… but only with games that are also compatible. For now, only three titles are listed: Redout 2, Pinball GX and Happy Trails and the Kidnapped Princess.

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