Hell Architect

With the current state of our world, it’s not hard to imagine that we’re getting closer and closer to limbo, is it? Now you can get used to the idea, because they finally released a game for you to take care of hell.

Published by Leonardo Interactive and produced by Woodland Gamer, Hell Architect is a 2D colony simulator. The game has a very similar feel to Oxygen Not Included, which has already been very successful for those who like the genre.

Hell is full of good intentions

You’ve just been hired to play terror underground. Your new role is manager of hell, where you will do your best to make the situation as smooth as possible.

It will be necessary to manage people, called sinners. After all, we are in hell, right? You’ll use them to open up space on earth, build items, and turn the place into a habitable place. But don’t think it will be easy.

The game logic follows a premise similar to others in the genre. First you need to capture basic items such as iron, coal and sand. Through them it will be possible to build items to increase the number of sinners.

Items are very diverse. We have the basics, like ladders and platforms, which will be very useful to make your sinners move under the ground. Also, get ready to build torture machines, as they will be very important.

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After going through the tutorial, the big question I asked myself was, what would be the logic of all this? A good background would be needed to support what is found in the game. Only with real goals and challenges would the game have a good appeal.

In Hell Architect, the player can have fun in two game modes, the sandbox and the campaign. O sandbox it’s that style you’re used to, where you start from scratch and can do whatever you want.

Already, the campaign mode, has that point that I remembered two paragraphs ago. It gives meaning to the game, even though at certain times the challenges seem naive and simple to be executed.

A simple change of light fixtures, which would take you about 15, 20 minutes of adventure, becomes 35, 40 minutes without much effort. In addition to helping you become an ace in the game, this mode lets you know everything that can be done in the adventure.

Variety of Items

Hell Architect has unique elements that give life to the game. They are structural elements very well used to contextualize the situation of living in hell as much as possible.

This was only possible due to the presence of two fundamental items for the construction of machines and scenarios: suffering and essence. To acquire them, you will have to use your sinners in the worst possible way.

Suffering is conquered by putting one of your workers inside torture machines. Already, the essence, you can only acquire, when you eliminate a sinner in the way you see fit, such as incineration and impalement.

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Remember, you are in hell and many amazing things can be done, such as bringing back to life all the broken sinners. All you have to do is build a limbo gong and spend a little of the pain gained to make this beautiful deal.

Point for the company that also managed to create many possibilities. You will be able to summon special demons to help in different areas. It can be a digging devil or even a foreman to take care of your sinners.

Add to that the legendary sinners, who start to appear throughout the adventure. Each of them has special abilities to help you manage hell. For example, Billy the Kid appeared to me.

The legendary bandit possesses an ability called “gunslinger’s run”. This gives him 15% more speed than other sinners.

administer is necessary

Due to the presence of so many items in the game it is essential to have a good sense of management and administration of the map. I say this because the buildings are big and the space is always small.

Second, because their sinners have unique abilities and if the player manages to optimize the work, he will be able to reap the rewards, throughout the adventure, with great ease. So it’s always worth taking a look at the individual cards of your sinners.

Here’s an important tip. Don’t forget to build a job center. In this way you customize what each sinner can do at work, thus optimizing your administration in hell.

Remember, it’s not because your workers are in hell that you can enslave them. They have basic needs such as hunger, thirst, fatigue and a desire to evacuate.

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Many things are in limbo

The game is very nice, has an inviting menu and in Portuguese. The narrative is interesting and even has a hint of humor. But in the end, the simple usability of the menu hides useful information from players.

Even playing the tutorial, a lot is lost within it. It will be necessary to rack your brain to understand certain things and even make the best use of the search tree.

Artificial intelligence also has its problems and could leave you in a bad light as the adventure unfolds.

It is worth it?

Hell Architect it mixes management mode with hell in an interesting way, bringing many construction possibilities. But do you remember what I wrote at the beginning of the text?

It would be necessary to bring relevant challenges and objectives so that the adventure does not become boring. That’s what the company tried to bring in the campaign mode.

But, deep down, Hell Architect it brings as its only challenge the basic needs of its sinners and nothing more than that. With just over 3 hours of play, you won’t want to have fun anymore.

Voxel Grade: 65

With good intentions, hell is full!

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